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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Racism !

    It's disgusting! I am still shocked to see the amount of racism out there towards everyone. Blacks, Arabs, Mexicans, Indians, and what's worse is when people target VERY personally matters, such as sexual orientation or religion. You know what I find even worse. The victims actually getting offended by it. First of all, we are all equal (cliche speech I know) what is the difference between all the afore mentioned. Especially when it comes to stereotypes. Just you're unemployed doesn't increase the probability of that person being black, or just cause you're Muslim doesn't mean you're a terrorist (People fail to remember Hitler, Stalin, most recently the crazy guy in Norway, and the fact that Bin Laden targeted muslims ASWELL !). Oh this is the funny one. I hate it when there is a gay guy around guys assume that person wants to have sex or wants something sexual. Honestly I find it hilarious. Well Mr cunt, girls certainly don't seem attracted to you so I really doubt I guy would be.
  Now let me bring you all to my home town. Kuwait. It is a privilege and an honour to be from Kuwait, I thank God everyday on how lucky I am to be born in such a peaceful, chill environment with a great standard of living. But I have to admit, and if you are from Kuwait and offended by this then this goes to you, most of the population are the most racist, prejudice, judgemental pieces of crap you can ever meet. Seriously. So much for being a Muslim nation, when you can't follow one of the most important fucking guides. And that is that we are all equal. Oh I can go all day on the government system, but if I do i will be fucked for it (Hint on their agenda). Let's just say the only reason we don't classify as a 'Developed country' or 'MEDC' is our fucking shit HDI (human development index). It is great when it only includes the citizens, but once it takes into account the migrants the number seem to hit rock bottom. All of because the 'air headedness' thinking you own a maid, and women slapping them around (Literally!) just because you can. I mean seriously what the fuck. Just cause the country is wealthy and everyone has the money to spend on maids, drivers etc... doesn't mean we are better than them, if anything it is the exact opposite, because they provide you with what you need, food, clothes, cleaning, basically what defines you. So everyone  get of your lay asses and do something for yourself (no surprise we are the 4th obese nation).
   Oh and one thing to the government. We don't need any more FUCKING malls, so stop letting people build them. And if you want to maintain a less oil dependant nation, please, for the love of God, approve the 'City of Silk' trust me it is the right path.
  But other than that, honest to God, I love this place. Don't worry readers I am a full Kuwait, it's just a shame watching all this money and potential go to waste. But other than that the benefits you get as a citizen are Brilliant!
  Back to the world. People if you are getting offended that means, somewhere deep down inside, a sense of doubt is embroider and a lack of confident perhaps even shame in who you are. there are many Black, Gays, and Muslims, but the ones that don't get hassled are the ones that are comfortable and proud of who they are. Oh here is another thing. Racism is wrong, but I am with you white people I hate it when migrant move to a country and take jobs and then change the law and rules of the country because it is 'politically incorrect' well first of all, Fuck P.C (political correctness), second it isn't your country. An example is last year, on remembrance day these 'pakistanis' disrupted the silence because they don't support it, or apparently it is P.I to call the british flag the 'Union Jack'. What the fuck people, seriously. They let you into their country, provide you with a living, WAY better than the one you would've had back home, and you try to change the rules. If you don't like the rules then Fuck off.
  Racism is a terrible thing, can cause depression and lead to suicide in many,and whoever came up with 'sticks and stones will break...' needs to get shot, cause I would rather be shot in the face than being publicly humiliated and ridiculed all my life. Words hurt, but to those being effected it is, however, easy to just say 'fuck you I really don't give a shit'.  Now I believe in world peace, I think it is as easy to achieve I think it is possible to just say 'stop. This is out of order, I am sorry'. And I truly believe that it is never going to fucking happen especially with those bunch of count ruling the world at the moment.

One other thing. Honestly I fucking Love the word Nigger. It sound so harsh and strong, that I think it is a waste to use it as a derogatory term (offensive way). I think if someone tries his best, works so hard, perhaps been through a lot of shit, especially war and is a hard ass mother fucker. Then and only then can he be refereed to as a 'Nigger'.
For example 'Rasputin was one hell of a nigger'... Peace !

Monday, 25 July 2011

Summer !

 Summer vocation. What a bitch! It is too long and not long enough at the same time, and that is some paradoxical shit. i'll explain to those who are confused, which is probably none cause this blog doesn't seem to attract any traffic.
  During the whole entire school year you think of so many things you want to do. learn an instrument, a new language, loose weight, read a book, anything proactive. However, there seems to be no time because your life is consumed by stress of exams, and this fucking BITCH known as homework. Then finally, it happens. Summer arrives and you look forward for the three month to prioritise yourself, know your goals, do what you wanted and more ! with all this free time. But no it seems that as soon as the summer starts the first few weeks you are busy going out, socialising, working on your tan, swimming and then it happens... you suddenly switch off and become the laziest count on the face of the earth. Getting out of bed is like a battle between good and evil, you are always lazy, and the most frustrating thing is you seem to have forgotten every academic facts learnt in school. Grades are on their way, which is not helpful at all. And for those, such as my self, can't be fucked using the spare time for UNI searches.
This is my confession for today... Peace! ( I just realised how gay that sounds).

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Back To Black

 On the 23rd of July 2011 3:54pm Amy Winehouse, one the most talented singers of her generation, passed away joining the '27 club' where other great talents died a drug related death at the age of 27. These include Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones.
  It is truly a sad day for the music industry, losing one of the most talented singer ever, one that has been compared with legends, such as Shirley Bassey. 
  Amy's distinguishing image, her addiction, finally ran its course and has finally consumed her life. Like many addict her life was falling apart, recently being booed of stage, cancelling tours and the bad publicity she has been attracting. That's the problem with the media today, always focussing on the tragedies rather than the talent.
  I was saddened by the new, as i am a huge fan of her fantastic versatile 'jazzy' voice. Her major hit song 'Rehab' encapsulating her addiction in one song and other hits from her album 'Back to Black' including that song. Her words piercingly ring with the sound of truth, words froth the soul, not many artist can just look at themselves in the mirror and write a song encapsulating their persona and condition. She has truly gone 'back to black', an ingenuis metaphor denoting a ruined life that has ended and is in a state where it is consuming itself and others around it like a 'black' hole. 
  There is nothing else I have to say, I'm just saddened by the loss of a true icon, perhaps a legend. A person who used her addiction as stepping stone to her success and in turn having it back fire on her which ended up killing her, a risk taken by many and was achieved by a few. This is my confession for today... Peace !

Saturday, 23 July 2011

What The Fuck !

 What the fuck has happened in Norway. This is probably the first time in my life I hear tragic news coming from Norway.
For those who don't know I'll tell you. Basically this fucker shows up in Utoya Island dressed as a cop. He tells the kids to come closer, garbing their attention and since he is a cop they trust him, then BAM ! He pulls out a machine gun and goes all 'APE SHIT' on their asses. He guns down 84 people, some managed to escape death by pretending to be dead, while others got shot more than once. The murderers attempt to make sure they were all dead. Many describe their encounter as witnessing a 'Nazi from a movie that has gone mad'.
   A girl named Elise was a lucky fucker, hiding behind the rock while the killer was standing on it. She managed to stay safe after silently contacting her parent and being told to 'stay calm' and was reassured by informing her that 'everything will be alright', easier said than done but she managed to keep her cool. She was also told to 'take' her 'bright jacket off' to make her seem less eye-catching.
   My heart goes out to the family of all those kids, because it is not only a shock and terrible news, but is also a horrible way to die. Imagine how they would feel that out of 560 teens only 84 were killed, and it happened to be their kids. The fiends, brothers, sisters lost. May God rape the shit out of that fucker.
  Chief Officials have caught the gunman and he is currently being questioned. They linked him with a bombing that killed 7 in Oslo, and described it as 'Europe's bloodiest attack since the 2004 Madrid bombings'. However, they still haven't gathered enough evidence to link the two, but police immediately searched his apartment after the shootings.
   from this tragic new one thing managed to piss me off, and this is it... 'Officials said "it seems it's not Islamic-terror related" and added on that "This seems like a madman's work" '. First of all 'duuuuuuu-h' of course the man was fucking mad, second saying it is 'not Islamic-terror related' insinuates that the first thing he assumed was that Muslims were behind it. I understand the fear he must've went through and the pressure he is in, but that does not give him the right to racially discriminate muslims. I know I know what muslims have done, but people keep forgetting what Hitler, Stalin and many other historical cunts have done. By the way probably 99.9% of Muslims are against all the fucking extremists.
   I send my condolences to the families that have been affected, and the kids who are now emotionally scared for life, and a well-done to the police and hope for them to successfully get to the bottom of this, and a FUCK YOU to the person who accused Muslims to start with. Unless the guy said that to reassure the public that it is non-muslim related, because that is what they would assume and he is just trying to immediately take of the stigma the people would have among local muslims.
More information can be found here killer goes Ape shit !
This is my confession for today... Peace !

Friday, 22 July 2011


  I don't know why, but I keep having this feeling that whatever I write is not genuinely from the heart. It feels like I kept picking subject to write about but the style of writing is as if i am trying to impress someone, or to write what I think people want to here. This, shall I say, is my 'confession'.
  I am 17, I likes watching movies, and aspire to one day, hopefully, become an actor. It is said that one can tell a lot about a person by the things that makes him laugh, well my favourite comedian is Jimmy Carr. I never detested any of his jokes, every single on of his jokes are hilarious, especially the amputee one that has gotten a lot of publicity. I am a bit of a cunt, I am actually one of the most decent person you can meet, but I find it entertaining to put on a cunt face, and become "playfully" mean to friends. I always make an effort to crack a joke, because I love making people laugh. Unfortunately, all my friends are cunt and don't let me do so. If there is a slight opportunity of becoming a comedian I would take it in a heart beat. Oh back to Jimmy, I am not a hypocrite, like many who listen to his jokes, I laughed at every single one, even those aimed at arabs as being terrorist or making fun of peoples' belief in God (I am religious and fear my creator).
  Anyways I don't think I have anything else to add on at the moment. Wow for some reason it feels like a relief just saying all that. even if it isn't hidden, I just find it weird sharing that online, even though almost everyone I know could tell that about me. Btw I find sick shit funny, E.G if someone jumped in front of a train, I'd most likely laugh, because why mourn a persons' death if he purposely took his life. Clearly he didn't want it, and by not wanting it he surely doesn't deserve it so I tend to look at the funny side of it. If anything I should be happy for him/her (do you realise wherever you see the 'him/her' or 'he/she' it is always the male who is first) because that is what he wanted.
 That was a glimpse of my personality, well not really it was basically about what I find funny. Okay this is me I am 17, Tall, into the 'real' football (a.k.a soccer) but not good at it, I contradict almost everything I say (because it is funny), find the funny side of every situation (unless I feel like shit, otherwise I would wish for hell to break loose and rape everyone), and last but not least I am a guy. I saw that cause I realise calling this blog "Confession" is pretty gay, not that I have anything against 'gays', beside being against nature, man, and God and they're going to hell. LOL joke. I have nothing against anyone. I am COMPLETELY open minded and am frankly up for anything (not in a sexual way you dirty minded reader), but I can't say that where I am from or they would kill me. :-)

 "I am free of prejudice, I hate everyone equally" - W. C. Fields
This is my confession for today... Peace !

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Disney ! Good or bad ?.... perhaps BOTH !

  Disney. We've all watched the channel, went to the theme parks (I still go there !), watched their movies, sympathised with the characters, and above all allowed it to shape our childhood, it sure shaped my childhood.
  The reason it is today's subject matter is because I was sitting with my baby cousin while she was watching TV. Later on she asked me to change the current channel to the Disney channel. After doing so the first cartoon that pop'ed up was "The emperor's new grove" (a movie I adored), next up was "Kim Possible", then "Recess" (favourite show) and much more... it sounds gay, I know, but I haven't seen these cartoons in years, almost 5 years now, and watching it today conjured up nice images of my childhood. Disney was such a big part in my childhood and growing up that it felt like my 'whole childhood flashed before my eyes'. No I didn't die.
  I, honestly, feel sorry for kids today, because they are being exposed to trash. Now I realise that the cartoons I saw when I was a child were smart and educational, filled with pun's and smart plots and life lessons on self-confidence and many more. Now-a-days they are all about being famous, and "Cool", filled with dead metaphors and cliches. Kids are being taut all about maintaining a sociable outward appearance, and looking good, whereas when I was a kid it was all about accepting differences, and standing up for what you believe in. Over all a lot of character building lessons. This doesn't go for every single cartoon but I'd say 9 out of 10 are just shit. As if someone pitched a bull-shit idea, made a few episodes gotten money for it, because everyone would watch a new show for a while before classifying it as shit, then cancelling it with-in a year or two.
  Man... I grew up watching "The Lion King", "Pinocchio", "Pocahontas", "Cinderella", "Snow-white", "The Hunchback", "Mulan", "Little Mermaid", "Hercules" etc... all classics compared to todays shit HSM crap. But when it comes to those films I would say 2 out of 10 are crap. The one thing you could count on is a proper Amazing Disney film. If you realise, most of the main characters have only one parent that has either been killed during the movie or was already dead. There are only a hand-full of films with both parents present throughout. It has been told that the reason behind it is to inspire kids with one or no parent that they can achieve greatness, and basically not beat themselves about it. But over all if Walt Disney was still alive, I think he would drastically re-ajust the whole thing or completely shut it down. That was on my mind today so I decide it to share it. From now on I'll add a joke-of-the-day at the end of each blog.
This is my confession for today... Peace !
Throwing acid is wrong! In some people's eyes.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Jokes. Without knowing you probably don't realise the importance of one simple fucking joke. I love hearing and telling jokes and spend my time watching hilarious comedians, the best of which are Jimmy carr, Ricky Gervais and Russel Brand. They are the funniest people on earth.
Jokes. Like the British public, many societies take pride in their sense of humour. This also dates back to ancient tribes, where they believed in a supernatural "prankster". This prankster committed many pranks from harmless ones, to serious crimes, all because of a joke. His actions provided comic relief and occasionally struck fear in the general public, to let them learn and know their places in society, preventing them from wreaking havoc. Also reminding them of how jokes can go too far. Tribes also believed that, as a joke, this "prankster" stole fire from the gods and gave it to the humans, in turn saving the human race and allowed them to further move on developing and improving 'Man's' lifestyle. This may not sound so bad. Other tribes would pick a ruler once a year to rule the tribe, city, kingdom, what have you, for a month and any outrageous rules and laws MUST be followed. Later on this ruler is then killed and sacrificed to the god. If the person refuses to participate in this event he is killed, for being a 'party pooper'. This 'tradition' creates a tight knit community and is beneficial for  the people and the temporary king to learn about jokes and their limits.

  The jester is hired by the king to provide entertainment, however the jester is allowed to touch upon taboo topics, or perhaps mock the throne through the implementation of hidden satire and jokes.

"The Naked Jape" is a book about the history of jokes. Reading it generally gave me a greater sense of appreciation for a joke. the thought process  that goes into writing one, delivering it and the importance of them in our lives. I'm sure everyone has commented and made a joke on perhaps the worst time possible. iIm sure many of you received the sick jokes about the tsunami that happened earlier this year in Japan. e.g. my japanese girl friend died... oh well there's plenty more in the sea (sorry for any offence cause :-) ). Jimmy carr explains that jokes like that are important, it allows a person to almost get rid of the burden of grief he is faced with, or puts on just because it feels wrong to laugh at this time. People need to get the sense of awkwardness and fear out of their system in order to carry on with their lives. This book also gave me a slight fear of clowns, as he explains the earlier purposes of a clown and myths and metaphors that are represented through the make-up on their faces, anyways I won't go into any more detail.
Buy the book it is a really good investment and a funny read. Here is the link: